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Temporary Liquor and Event Licensing Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Section 2 (Event Details)
  • Step One

    1. Temporary Licenses
      • NOT-FOR-PROFIT SPECIAL EVENT RETAILER'S LICENSE: Temporary sales of alcohol for use or consumption, but not for resale, by not-for-profit organizations on specific dates designated for a special event. *Holders of an annual retailer's license are not eligible for this license*
      • TEMPORARY EVENT LICENSE: The sale of alcohol by for-profit retailers for use or consumption on premises at a designated location during a special event.

    2. Temporary Event License Modification
      • EXTENDED PREMISES: Authorizes a license holder in good standing to temporarily sell alcohol for consumption in an expanded area adjacent to the controlled premises, as defined in section 2-1-1 of the title, covered by the primary liquor license on a date certain. The licensee will be required to obtain a state special use license prior to holding the event.
      • SPECIAL USE PERMIT: Special use approval shall allow a licensed retailer to transfer a portion of its inventory from its retail licensed premises to the premises specified in the request, and to sell or offer for sale at retail, only in the premises specified in the request, the transferred alcoholic liquor for use or consumption, but not for resale in any form. An applicant for special use approval must also submit dramshop liability for the location where alcohol will be served.
      • ALCOHOL-FREE NIGHT: The license holder shall certify that no alcohol will be possessed, sold, delivered, and/or consumed by any person upon the licensed premises during the hours of the proposed activity. Depending on the description of the event in the application, the Chair may limit the ages of attendees for an alcohol-free night and for any guardians or chaperones.
    3. If you DO NOT currently hold an annual Carbondale liquor license, please complete the entire application.

      If you are a current City of Carbondale liquor license holder, please skip to Section 2 Event Details.

    4. Does applicant hold an annual liquor license in another jurisdiction?
    5. Type of Ownership
    6. Primary Contact / Event Manager Information

    7. Secondary Contact Information (if applicable)