What about people in jail for cannabis?

The law allows for people convicted of possession of under 30 grams prior to legalization to have their records referred to the Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker to pardon. If the pardon is granted, the Illinois Attorney General will move to expunge their records. Those convicted of possession of larger amounts can petition for expungement themselves. Local State's Attorneys can also pursue expungements on a case-by-case basis. Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has stated she supports cannabis legalization in Illinois, and that her office will expunge all misdemeanor cannabis convictions once it becomes legal. She also said the State's Attorney's Office is currently looking at its policy on prosecuting people who have been detained for selling cannabis once it becomes legal in the state.

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1. When will cannabis be legal in Illinois?
2. Who will be able to purchase cannabis legally?
3. How much cannabis can be legally purchased or possessed?
4. How is cannabis cultivation going to be taxed at the state level?
5. How is the sale of cannabis going to be taxed at the state level?
6. How may cannabis be taxed at the local level?
7. Can I grow my own cannabis?
8. Will I be able to smoke wherever I want?
9. Who will be selling cannabis?
10. What about people in jail for cannabis?
11. May municipalities and other units of local government regulate cannabis establishments within their boundaries?
12. May municipalities prohibit or regulate cannabis establishments outside of their boundaries?
13. May municipalities regulate the on-premises consumption of cannabis and/or allow cannabis cafes and lounges?
14. Does the Act contain any location restrictions on dispensaries?
15. Does failure to be in compliance with local zoning regulations have any impact on a cannabis establishment's ability to operate in Illinois?
16. May municipalities and other units of local government fine or penalize cannabis establishments for violation of local zoning regulations?
17. May municipalities regulate the personal possession and consumption of cannabis?
18. Does the Act apply to home rule units of government?
19. Does the Act contain any operating rules for adult-use cannabis dispensing organizations?
20. Is a license required to operate a cannabis establishment in Illinois?
21. May municipalities require licenses to operate a cannabis establishment within their boundaries?
22. What are the different tupes of licenses?
23. Do State licenses need to be renewed?
24. What other agency oversight does the state have for social issues related to cannabis production, sale, and use?