Was there an RFP sent out for this project?

No; According to the Carbondale Revised Code Section 1-6-13, professional or artistic skills pursuant to a written contract do not need to follow formal contract procedures. In addition, purchases and contracts for the use, purchase, delivery, movement or installation of data processing equipment, software or services; telecommunications and interconnect equipment; software or services or any contract for photocopying machines, supplies or services are also exempt from formal contract procedures.

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1. Who created the City’s new website?
2. Was there an RFP sent out for this project?
3. Why didn’t the City choose to use a local company for this project?
4. How much money was spent on this project?
5. What does this price include?
6. Why did the City decide to revamp its website?
7. What are some of the big changes the City made to its website?
8. Can you submit forms and applications online?
9. How do you sign up for City alerts?
10. Can I add events to the City’s calendar?
11. How do I access City Council information?
12. How do you search for information on the website?