What are the duties of the Mayor?

The Mayor has several duties as the top elected official for the City of Carbondale. Some of these duties are official and other duties are ceremonial.

  • Assists citizens with problems, concerns and information requests
  • Presides over City Council meetings and vote on issues that come before the City Council for consideration
  • Initiates community-wide action regarding important issues
  • Communicates and works with other policy-making bodies to ensure that Carbondale's concerns are heard at state and national levels
  • Delivers the annual "State of the City Address"
  • Appoints members of boards and commissions with consent of the Council
  • Along with the City Council, appoints the City Manager
  • Promotes the City of Carbondale as the City of Carbondale's ambassador to visitors, dignitaries, conferences and annual community events
  • Participates in lectures, summits, ribbon cuttings, ground breakings, speaking engagements, business tours and school visits throughout the community
  • Issues proclamations, letters, certificates and awards for special occasions

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