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Posted on: August 1, 2022

Get Out and Stay Alive

Get Out and Stay Alive (2)

Get Out and Stay Alive is a program designed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help save your life in case you find yourself in a fire situation. This program focuses on three main topics: Getting Out, Prevention, and Protection. 

Getting Out - If you get caught in a fire situation, survival is your top priority. You should: 

  • Feel the Door Handle - If the door handle is hot, do not open it. Go to a window and call for help. If the handle is not hot, open cautiously. Check for smoke or fire before going out.
  • Get Out of the Building Before Phoning For Help - Do not take time to phone before leaving. Get out and find a phone. 
  • Pull the Fire Alarm on Your Way Out 
  • Do Not Look For Other People or Gather Up Your Stuff - Knock on doors as you leave. Yell “FIRE!” as you leave. Do not hesitate or stray from your path as you leave. 
  • Crawl Low to the Floor - Thick smoke can make it impossible to see. Toxic chemicals from smoke can be deadly in minutes. 
  • Close the Door Behind You - You may help keep the fire from spreading. You may protect your possessions from fire and smoke damage. 
  • If You Can Not Get Out, Get Someone’s Attention - Yell and scream. Hang a sheet from the window. Stay low, there is less smoke and poisonous gasses close to the floor. 

Prevention - Fires can be prevented from starting if you take some simple precautions: 

  • Take Responsibility for Prevention - Assign a non-impaired “event monitor”. Clean up immediately after parties and take all trash outside. Do not overload electrical outlets. Keep space heaters and halogen lamps away from flammables. Put out candles and incense when unattended. Extinguish all smoking materials thoroughly. Do not smoke while tired or impaired. 

Protection - You can also protect yourself from becoming trapped in a fire situation by following some important suggestions: 

  • Check Smoke Alarms - Be sure they are in proper working condition. Install new batteries at the beginning of each semester. 
  • Plan Escape Routes - Know where all exits are located in the building. Practice your escape plan.  
  • Take Fire Alarms Seriously - Do not ignore fire alarms. Do not wait to see fire or smoke. Do not worry about grabbing your stuff. 

Tampering with smoke alarms, pulling false alarms, or misusing fire protection equipment may be a criminal offense. These are dangerous pranks and should be reported immediately. 

Make A Plan - You can make a plan for your own fire safety and protection as soon as you get home. Use the following checklist: 

  • Check to make sure your smoke alarms are working - Change the batteries. 
  • Find all possible exits from your room or residence. 
  • Make a fire escape route plan that includes two escape routes. 
  • Practice your fire escape route plan. 
  • Perform a “home inspection” for fire and safety hazards. 
  • Tell your roommates about your plan.

Call the City of Carbondale Fire Department at 618-457-3234 for more information. 

Please view the Exit Drill in the Home handout we have provided here.

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