Pollinator-Supportive Landscaping

The City of Carbondale has collaborated with the University of Illinois Extension to provide Illinois-specific education to our community. The City of Carbondale thanks the University of Illinois Extension for creating the educational asset: https://illinoispollinators.org/

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On April 25, 2023, the Carbondale City Council passed an Ordinance Amending Titles 15 and 11 of the Carbondale Revised Code to Support and Encourage Pollinator-supportive Landscaping across the city (PC 23-08).
The City of Carbondale code defines three different classifications of pollinator-supportive landscape:

  1. Pollinator Gardens: Most common. May feature 100% native and/or non-native species. Prioritizes long-blooming varieties. May take up the entirety of your yard while maintaining site visibility. Must have defined boundaries.
  2. Bee Lawns: Developed by the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. Similar to a traditional lawn. Combines low-growing flowering varieties with turf (like white clover and frog-fruit). Must still be kept under 8 inches.
  3. Native Planting Areas: Least common option due to height (>6ft) and density. Often called "re-wilding" or "eocsystem restoration." Requires patience (>3 years to establish) and ecological knowledge of Southern Illinois' native ecosystem (i.e., grass-dominant prairie, temperate broadleaf, and mixed forests.) May not be established in the minimum front yard.

City staff recommends community members performing ecosystem restoration reach out to City staff and neighbors proactively to communicate intention and avoid confusion. 

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Below is a video guide that provides a more detailed description of how the City of Carbondale approaches pollinator-supportive landscaping, why it's important, and what resources are available.

Pollinator-Supportive Landscaping Video - Sustainability
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Interested in joining a network of pollinator-minded neighbors? Sign up for updates surrounding pollinators and the City of Carbondale by emailing the City's Sustainability Coordinator