Community Calendar

If your organization is having a not-for-profit event and you would like to publish it on the City's Community Calendar, please complete the online form.

Note: Anonymous and incomplete submissions will not be posted. City Staff reviews all requests and reserves the right to restrict or remove any content or event that is deemed in violation of this policy or any applicable law. 

Qualifying Events

A qualifying event is a legal gathering open to the public that includes entertainment, programming, and/or activities. The gathering involves a targeted theme or cause. Events must meet one or more of the following criteria to be eligible for posting to the City's Community Calendar:

  • City event or activity
  • City-sponsored or funded
  • Not-for-profit community events open to the public and not exclusionary in nature, located within Carbondale city limits, and meet the definition of a qualifying event

Events Not Eligible

  • Cause or opinion-based activities which are deemed inappropriate for City support
  • Commercial, private, political, or religious advertising
  • Discriminate, hostile, or extremist activities
  • Events not open to all members of the public
  • Fundraisers that are not part of an actual event (i.e. restaurant events that donate a portion of sales to a certain organization, sales of coupon books, cookie sales, etc.) will not be listed on the City's Community Calendar
  • Partisan political events
  • Private, commercial, or for-profit events


Community Calendar requests should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event. Late submissions may or may not be posted.


Acquiring any additional City resources will be the responsibility of the Applicant. Visit our online Permits & Applications for your convenience.    

Terms of Use

The City of Carbondale reserves the right to reject or to post, review and edit, prior to inclusion on the Community Calendar, all electronic mail and event announcement forms received.

The Community Calendar will not include information deemed to be associated with illegal, fraudulent, or malicious activity, commercial or private activity, political activity, or religious promotion. Unacceptable requests for inclusion on the Community Calendar include offensive or harassing statements including, but not limited to, comments based on race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, veteran status, or political belief.

The City of Carbondale does not warrant or make any representations or endorsements as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information, text, graphics, and other items contained on any web links within the Community Calendar. Such materials have been compiled from a variety of sources, and are subject to change without notice from the City of Carbondale as a result of updates and corrections. All trademarks mentioned in the Community Calendar are the property of their respective owners. Some of the links on the Community Calendar may lead to resources outside the City of Carbondale internet site. The user of these resources or links should not construe the presence of these links as an endorsement. The City of Carbondale is not responsible for the content of any such external link.