Residential TIF

How to participate in the City of Carbondale’s residential real estate tax incentive program (TIF):

  1. Determine if your property is within the residential TIF boundaries (known as TIF #2) by entering the property’s address in the City’s searchable TIF map: 
  2. Access the Residential TIF Application
  3. Review eligible expenses for reimbursement and determine your estimated eligible redevelopment project costs. An Eligible Cost Worksheet is provided to determine the total amount of TIF assistance needed. These costs can be estimated, but receipts will be required before reimbursement. All eligible costs must adhere to the Residential TIF Architectural Design Standards.
  4. Attach preliminary site plans and/or building plans to illustrate the proposed redevelopment project and site improvements. Contact Community Development at (618) 457-3248 for assistance with site plans. 
  5. Complete and submit the online application. The TIF review team will review the application. Once completed, a signed TIF redevelopment agreement will be sent to City Council for approval. 
  6. To request annual reimbursements on eligible expenses, proof of payment for the most recent year’s tax bill must be submitted to Economic Development. 

Note: A building permit is required if you plan to construct, alter, remove, or demolish a building or structure or install equipment to operate a building structure. Contact Community Development at 618-457-3248 for assistance with the building permit process.

The annual reimbursement rate is 75% of taxes paid on the tax increment (value created by new property improvements above the “TIF base” value set in 2022). Annual reimbursements continue until the property owner has been paid the agreed-upon reimbursement amount or when the TIF expires (December 31, 2035), whichever comes first. Reimbursements will not occur unless the property value is above the TIF base value (the value of your property in the year the TIF was created, 2022).

Please refer to the FAQs below, or contact the Economic Development Department at 618-457-3232 for any questions or assistance.

Please note that if you have applied for or received funding from any of the City-Funded Housing Programs (Down Payment Assistance, Curb Appeal Assistance, or Single-Family Housing Conversion) or any other non-City funded housing assistance, any TIF-eligible costs covered by these grants will be deducted from the total amount reimbursed to the developer through TIF. For example, if the developer is requesting $70,000 in TIF reimbursement for property acquisition but received a total of $8,000 in funding from the City-funded housing programs ($3,000 in the Down Payment Assistance and $5,000 from the Single-Family Housing Conversion Program), the developer would only then be eligible for $62,000 in TIF reimbursements for that specific cost, as these programs are considered property acquisition assistance.

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