Knox Box

Knox Rapid Access System

The Carbondale Fire Department has adopted the Rapid Access System from Knox Company. The Rapid Access System allows first responders quick access to secured facilities and commercial properties without forced entry damage. The Knox Box is a locked box that holds the keys to the residence, gate, and rooms of a facility, or the facility itself needing emergency access, only to be unlocked by a master key in the possession of the fire department.

Ordering a Knox Device

To get a Knox Box, please first call or email the Carbondale Fire Department for a consultation on what type of box is required or suggested for your facility/residence. Then the property owner will decide whether to get a residential or commercial Knox Box depending on their needs. They can be ordered by going to the Knox Box Company Official Website. While on their website, select "Illinois" and "Carbondale Fire Department" to view the products. Once the Knox Box has arrived, contact the Fire Department again to help with the installation location of the box on the property and to give them the key(s) to go inside the box.

Fire Department Number: 618-457-3234, Alternative Number: 618-457-3299