ARPA Funding Requests and Project Ideas

The City Council initiated a public comment period to allow residents to submit comments in favor of, or in opposition to, applications for ARPA funding. The public comment period began April 1, 2022 and ended April 30, 2022. As a result of the public comment period, the City of Carbondale received the following:

  • 56 Applications for funding
  • 266 residents in support of specific applications
  • 42 residents opposed to specific applications
  • 100 written comments supporting or opposing specific applications were submitted

ARPA Funding Requests

The community agencies, organizations, and non-profits listed below requested a portion of the City of Carbondale's allotted ARPA funding to support Carbondale's recovery from the COVID-19 public health emergency:

ARPA Project Ideas

The following individuals submitted project ideas for consideration for ARPA funding: