McRoy Drive Improvements

McRoy Drive

Description: McRoy Drive is the main road entering the Bicentennial Industrial Park. This road has become deteriorated in some areas and needs replaced. This project will remove the existing pavement between the curbs and replace it with new subbase and paving.

Anticipated Start Date: Summer 2023                    

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2023

Location: North McRoy Drive

Project Cost:  $900,000

Funding Source: The City of Carbondale received $993,265 for this project from the U.S Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration. For details on how this funding will be used and the impact it will make in Carbondale, click here.

Contractor: TBD  

Project Updates: 

2/16/2023 - The City is awaiting approvals from the EDA to proceed with bidding the project. 

8/31/2022 - The City is working through the EDA's pre-construction requirements in order to begin project design.