Compliment An Officer

The Carbondale Police Department strives to provide the best police services and maintain high professionalism and rapport with the community.

If a Carbondale Police Department employee has positively impacted your life, please consider filling out this online form

We appreciate you taking the time to let the City of Carbondale and the Carbondale Police Department know when police officers go "above and beyond."

Please read the submitted commendations below:

November 17, 2021

"We had someone break into our house and he [Officer Noto] was very helpful in explaining everything and helping get to the bottom of it."

May 7, 2021

"We called to talk to someone about an event that had happened on the internet with our daughter, who has learning disabilities. Officer Burris responded immediately to our call. He took the time to explain to us the various steps we could take to protect our daughter. He was informative and professional, and we felt he understood the emotional aspect of what had happened. He even went to the school to meet with our daughter and her counselor that day.

He has continued to guide us as we follow up on the case.

In these days of so many issues between communities and officers, it's wonderful to see someone like Officer Burris who typifies the best in our police force. He is a credit to Carbondale and to police officers everywhere.

Thank you, Officer Burris!"

May 2021

The Carbondale Police Department recently received a heartfelt card in the mail thanking an officer for their quick response and a telecommunicator for keeping them calm during a scary situation.

The citizen explained that in mid-April, following a series of unfortunate events, they accidentally locked their grandchild in the car. The 911 operator (Holly) kept the grandparent calm while they waited for an officer to arrive. Holly was "super sweet and kind and professional and had the policeman there in what seemed like two minutes!" The citizen continued by saying that the police officer, whose name was not given, was "also wonderful and really made me feel better. Just a very sweet guy!" This grandparent added, "I'm hoping the City will let these people know how much I appreciate them! City and Police are outstanding!"