Solar Energy Installation at City Buildings

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Description: Solar panels are being installed at the Civic Center, the Public Safety Center, and the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant. Once constructed, the project will be 1.37 megawatts and provide approximately 1.875 million kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy to the City.   

Construction Start Date: December 2020 

Est. Completion Date: April 2021 

Location: Carbondale Civic Center, Public Safety Center, and Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant (SEWWTP) 

Project Cost: $0 

Funding Source: There is no funding source for this project, however, the City commissioned the projects through an RFP process in October 2019 and has agreed to purchase the energy from the systems for an average price of $.053 per kilowatt-hour for twenty-five years.   

Contractors: Hawk – Attolo, StraightUp Solar, Lightwave Solar, and Burke Electric                                         

Project Impact: Green Energy for the City 

Construction Updates: 

3/31/2021 - Panel installation at the Public Safety Center is complete! Crews are now installing the solar panels at the Civic Center and SEWWTP. 

3/5/2021 - The contractors have completed the installation of the racking at all three locations. Crews have now started connecting solar panels at the SEWWTP.  

1/12/2021 - At the Civic Center, the racking for the solar panels has been installed. Crews are now working to add the foundations for the solar array racking at the Public Safety Center.