RLF Closeout Project-Downtown Streetscape Phase 3

On or about June 25, 2020, the City of Carbondale intends to make an application to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) for a grant from the State CDBG program. This program is funded by Title 1 of the Federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended. These funds will be used for a community development project with will include the following activities: streetscape improvements to Illinois Avenue from Monroe Street to Oak Street including: sidewalks, curb ramps, curbs, driveway and side street return paving, pedestrian level lighting, street lighting, trees, decorative planting areas, and landscaping.

The total amount of CDBG funds to be requested is $1,016,918.46. The amount of CDBG funds proposed to benefit low-to-moderate income persons is $740,316.64. The City of Carbondale also proposes to expend $216,891.56 in non-CDBG funds on the project. These funds will be derived from the following sources: Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenues and/or revenues to the City’s Local Improvement Fund which are local sales tax revenues and in-kind funds from the City’s Engineering Department.

Public Hearing Notice

Revolving Loan Fund Close-Out Program Application Information