Decorations & Exhibit Policy

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To ensure adequate time for decorating, the lessee will need to rent the room(s) before the event starts. Lessees using the Civic Center will be responsible for all damages caused, as stated in the lease agreement.

The City of Carbondale is not responsible for damaging or losing materials or equipment in the Civic Center on display or storage. Items can be locked up if necessary; however, arrangements must be made with the Civic Center Manager.

The decoration policy includes the following:

  • All decorations must be cleared away and disposed of by the lessee immediately following the event. If the lessee does not dispose of the decorations, the lessee will be billed rental fees for the number of hours it takes to clean up the decorations.
  • Decorations, posters, displays, or exhibits are not to be hung or attached to permanent walls. Decorations may be free-standing or hung on movable walls.
  • Using tape, glue, thumbtacks, nails, or other adhesive material on permanent walls, door frames, equipment, or staging is prohibited.
  • In the interest of the personal safety of guests, participants, and staff, the following rules must be followed: All aisles leading to exit doors must be kept clear and unobstructed. Exit doors cannot be physically blocked and must be able to be opened from both sides.
  • Decorations are not to be hung from the ceiling or light fixtures.
  • The use of glitter, confetti, or metal cut-out decorations is prohibited in the Civic Center.
  • The Civic Center Manager must approve decorations, displays, or equipment that requires flame or water.
  • Birdseed will be allowed outside of the building only. Rice is prohibited at the Civic Center.
  • Standing on chairs or tables is not allowed. Ladders may be provided. Facility support workers will assist in hanging materials if necessary.