Online Bill Pay

To provide residents and businesses with innovative services, the City of Carbondale offers online bill pay for the following:

Pay a Water / Sewer Bill

Pay Your Water / Sewer Bill - To avoid an interruption of service, do not pay online if you are making a payment after the due date. Please call 618-457-3265.

Pay a Water Reconnect Fee

Pay Your Water Reconnect Fee - If your service has been interrupted due to non-payment. Past due balances must be made current in addition to this request for services to be restored.

Pay a Water Bill for Someone Else

Pay A Water Bill for Someone Else - Whether for children at college, elderly parents, other dependents, or individuals that need help paying, this form allows you to apply money to a Carbondale resident’s water bill and reconnect fee, if applicable.

Pay an Ordinance Violation

Pay Your Ordinance Violation Ticket - Persons eligible for Pay-By-Mail may settle the charges against them by paying the amount listed for those offenses within ten (10) business days of the Notice to Appear ticket(s) being issued.

Pay a Parking Ticket

Pay Your Parking Ticket - If you received a parking ticket while in Carbondale, you can conveniently pay your ticket by completing our online e-Pay form.

Pay an Administrative Tow Fee

Pay Your Administrative Tow Fee - You can conveniently pay your administrative tow fee online or in person at the Police Department.

Pay Rental Housing Registration and Designation of Agent

Pay your Rental Housing Registration Fees - For your convenience, please pay your rental housing registration fees here.