Victim Advocacy Services

Services Provided

The Carbondale Police Department Victim Advocacy Program provides support and social services to victims and witnesses of crime. Services are provided primarily to victims of violent crimes occurring within the City. Emphasis is placed on victims of domestic violence and anyone subject to a crime over the age of 60.

Assistance is also offered to individuals who come in contact with the police for “non-crime” related situations yet require social service intervention. Services provided include:

  • Civil no-contact orders
  • Crisis intervention, information, and referral
  • Investigative information
  • Legal, social service, and medical advocacy
  • Orders of protection
  • Stalking no contact orders
  • support through the investigative process
  • Victim’s compensation claims

Advocate Duties

The Advocate represents the Department on several community boards, including the Jackson County Family Violence Task Force, Mental Health Disaster Response Council, and the First Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council. The Advocate conducts community education and in-house police training on victim issues.

Filing Petitions

You do not need an attorney to file petitions for Orders of Protection, Stalking No Contact Orders, or Civil No Contact Orders. You may do so on your own or be assisted by the Advocate. There is no fee for filing these petitions. Any violation of an Order of Protection, Stalking No Contact Order, or Civil No Contact Order should be reported to the police immediately.

More Assistance in Jackson County

In Jackson County Circuit Court, hearings for Orders of Protection, Stalking No Contact Orders, and Civil No Contact Orders are held at 8:30 a.m., Monday to Friday. Still, the associated paperwork must be filed by 8:15 a.m. to be processed in court that day.

For more information or assistance in Jackson County, call:

  • Carbondale Women’s Center at 618-529-2324 or 1-800-334-2094
  • The City of Carbondale Police Department Victim Advocate at 618-457-3200, ext. 447
  • Jackson County Circuit Clerk’s Office at 618-687-7300
  • Jackson County Sheriff’s Department at 618-687-1303
  • Jackson County States Attorney’s Office, Victim Advocate at 618-687-7200
  • SIUC School of Law Domestic Violence Legal Clinic at 618-536-4423