E-Pay Online Payments

Make a Payment

You can make an e-Pay online payment with the City for the following:

Release of Vehicles

E-pay payments do not guarantee the release of a vehicle, and other holds, such as a law-mandated 12-hour DUI hold or an insurance hold, may still apply. The registered owner of a vehicle must still come to the police department to obtain the towed vehicle release receipt to take to the tow agency. You will still be responsible for any fees owed to the tow agency.

Administrative Tow Fee Documents

Ordinance Violations: Alternatives to Appearing in Court

If a person commits a City ordinance violation, there are alternative resolutions to appearing in City court, including:

  • Community Service: Perform a certain number of community service work hours at a specified/approved work site and pay only a portion of the set fine as an administrative fee
  • Pay-By-Mail Program: Pay a set administrative fee instead of appearing in court

Make online payment within ten (10) business days of the issuance of the Notice to Appear ticket.