E-Pay Online Payments

Make a Payment

You can make an e-Pay online payment with the City for the following:

Release of Vehicles

E-pay payments do not guarantee the release of a vehicle and other holds, such as a law-mandated 12 hour DUI hold or an insurance hold, may still apply. The registered owner of a vehicle must still come to the police department to obtain the towed vehicle release receipt to take to the tow agency or authorize a third party to do so by completing and returning a notarized original Authorization to Release Impounded Vehicle form (PDF). You will still be responsible for any fees owed to the tow agency.

Administrative Tow Fee Documents

Ordinance Violations: Alternatives to Appearing in Court

If a person commits a City ordinance violation, there are alternative resolutions to appearing in City court, including:

  • Community Service: Perform a certain number of community service work hours at a specified/approved work site and pay only a portion of the set fine as an administrative fee
  • Pay-By-Mail Program: Pay a set administrative fee in lieu of appearing in court

Make online payment within ten (10) business days of the issuance of the Notice to Appear ticket.