Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant

About the Northwest Plant

The Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant treats all the wastewater from the western portion of Carbondale. The facility also receives industrial wastewater from the Bicentennial Industrial Park, Carbondale Industrial Park, and the industrial transfer sewer.

The industrial wastewater is initially processed at the industrial pre-treatment plant, and then the effluent is further treated in the domestic plant with other residential flows. All the treated water is then discharged into the Big Muddy River or used to irrigate the Hickory Ridge Golf Course.

Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Recognized for Excellence

The City of Carbondale proudly announces that the Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant has been recognized as the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators (IAWPCO) “2019 Plant of the Year.”

The IAWPCO judges the plants on the criteria listed below.

  • Effluent Quality
  • Maintenance of Equipment, including equipment upgrades
  • Staff: How many operators are certified, and what level of certification do they have
  • Safety: How well the Staff is trained
  • Laboratory: How equipped the lab is to meet guidelines
  • Community Support: How many tours were offered and working with SIU on various research projects
  • Plant Appearance: general upkeep of the grounds
  • Budget: How much input the plant has in budget decisions

“It is an honor to be nominated for such an award, but to win is especially gratifying. It shows how much the plant staff cares about their work and their dedication to their job. It also shows the support of the City’s Public Works Director, City Manager, City Council, and Mayor,” said Adam Decker, Northwest Wastewater Plant Superintendent.

“This is such a great honor for the Public Works Department and the Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant staff. I am so proud of Adam and his team; their hard work and dedication deserve this recognition,” said Sean Henry, Public Works Director.

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