Central Laboratory

About the Lab

This state-of-the-art laboratory performs extensive testing on drinking water and wastewater discharge for compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations for Carbondale as well as over 100 neighboring communities and water districts.

The Laborato­ry is accredited by NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) and IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health).

Testing Procedures

The Laboratory technicians routinely sample over 30 sites monthly and water towers twice monthly for coliforms and drinking water quality. Staff also regularly performs metals testing (i.e. lead, copper and others) as required by the IEPA (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency).

Several hours following a water main break, distribution samples are taken and tested in the field mobile laboratory vehicle. Coliform tests are performed in the Laboratory to monitor and ensure that no contamination has occurred.

Private Residential Tests

Private residential tests are available to homeowners for a fee. Private homeowners who have well systems frequently utilize the Laboratory services to monitor their water quality. We are proud to be able to offer affordable high quality testing services right here in Carbondale.

For more information on having your water tested, contact Corie Fulton, Lab Superintendent.