About Us


The mission of the Fire Department is to preserve life, promote fire safety, and protect property and the environment.


The City of Carbondale Fire Department operates out of two stations. Fire Station 1 and Fire Station 2, along with administrative offices. The Department is staffed by 30 personnel and is a professional career department. All firefighters are certified to the Basic Firefighter Level or above by the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Regional Training Center

The Carbondale Fire Department is host to one of the first Regional Training Centers in downstate Illinois. A collaboration between the City of Carbondale, the University of Illinois, the Fire Service Institute, and the Office of the State Fire Marshall. The Center will serve the career and volunteer fire fighter's professional development well into the twenty-first century. The Center has facilities for simulated burn building evolutions, hi-rise building evolutions, fire apparatus pumping evolutions, and classroom environment learning.

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