Utility Maintenance Worker (Meter Maintenance)

City of Carbondale, Illinois
Job Description/Job Opening Announcement
April 13, 2018

Title: Utility Maintenance Worker (Meter Maintenance)

Dept./Div.: Public Works/Water Distribution and Sewer Collection 

Nature of Work: This is a full-time position in Water Distribution and Sewer Collection in the Public Works Department. Work is primarily of a manual nature entailing maintenance, cleaning and repairing of the utility system, reading of water meters and performing the duties assigned to the board runner. Position is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sewage collection system and water distribution system, obtaining accurate monthly readings of water meters, maintenance and repair of water meters and lids, connecting and disconnecting water service. The Utility Maintenance Worker reports to and is evaluated by the Superintendent of Water Distribution and Sewer Collection, the Meter Maintenance Division Supervisor, and/or the Water Operations Manager.

Essential Duties: 

  1. Manually repair water main, sewer main, water service, and sewer service. Visually identify and manually select the proper tools, materials, and equipment for the job. Verbally call for utility locations. Read drawing or sketch to determine where to dig. Manually set up necessary safety signs, barricades and cones. Manually locate existing water and sewer utilities using audible and visually readable pipe and metal locations. Use marking paint to spray utility locations. Use a ladder to climb down into or jump into hole. Manually use different shovels to excavate existing utilities or water and sewer lines. Use hand tools or power tools to physically remove and repair lines. Manually lift and carry proper fittings and pipe weighing up to 100 pounds to make repairs. Manually install and operate a trash pump/generator/flood lights. Lift and carry 80 pound concrete mix bags, physically mix the concrete. Verbally communicate safety commands to others in the ditch or hole. Load dump truck with gravel or blacktop using an end loader. Dump gravel and blacktop in hole. Tamp gravel and blacktop with portable or backhoe mounted tamper. Read, repair, install, and inventory water meters in a variety of locations and adverse conditions, including high grass, weeds, brush, etc., and in all types of weather conditions. Repair meter lids by installing new meter lid nut by pounding out and removing old nut and resetting a new nut with a large hammer. Repair meters by removing bolts with a socket wrench, removing parts from the meter, cleaning parts with detergent, replacing any defective parts, and reassembling the meter. In writing, record entries on work order for personnel and equipment hours used to perform repairs and inventory parts used. Physically carry and return all unused material to proper place. Clean up and return all equipment and tools to it's proper condition. Manually write down and record any defects or shortages of equipment and materials. Manually operate a 2-way radio or telephone to communicate verbally with the supervisor.
  2. Physically install new water service, water main, hydrant, valve, sewer service, main or manhole: Manually set up and operate a 150 pound mole machine to push water line under the street. Set sewer pipe at proper slope from main to new service connection at manhole. Set proper meter yoke, pit, meter and frame and lid to proper grade. Physically lift, set up and operate a 100 pound water or sewer tapping machine using the correct adapters and fittings on the proper size main.
  3. Manually take inventory: Obtain and visually read the correct inventory form to identify and count each inventory item. In writing, record number of items on inventory list.
  4. Manually install new meter and tighten nuts or bolts. Turn water back on and check for leaks. Replace and secure lid. In writing, record on work order meter readings and serial numbers, equipment used, materials used, and personnel time. Physically clean and return all items to the proper place.
  5. Operate Sewer Jet: Visually read work order describing task to be performed. Have appropriate drivers license to manually drive sewer jet to the job site. Determine where the stoppage is and determine the flow between two manholes. Position sewer jet at the downstream manhole; secure the area with the necessary safety traffic warning devices. Lift manhole lid from manhole. Start and operate sewer jet engine. Insert hose into main and attach hose rollers. Engage pump and bring engine up to proper rpm's. Run hose through the sewer until at blockage. Continue to clean the entire sewer segment. Clean and return equipment to proper storage place. Record the location of the blockage, personnel and equipment time used and leave customer a copy of our sewer backup policy indicating whether the problem was determined to be in the City's line or the customer's line.
  6. Read meters by driving or riding as a passenger in a City vehicle to the location of the route, secure the vehicle, walk the route and if necessary, return to pick up co-worker at a designated time to return to the water plant locating the address from the view screen on the interrogator. Read the meter by touch read method or by bending or stooping to unlock the meter lid with a meter wrench using a twisting motion. Remove the lid and transfer the numbers from the face of the meter to the interrogator by punching the numbers on the key pad and then returning the lid to its original locked down position.
  7. Collect routine water main break samples.
  8. Safely and effectively operate vehicles and equipment: Physically operate, lift and carry 100 pound air hammer, 100 pound water tapping machine and sewer tapping machine, 150 pound mole or pushing machine, 75 pound trash pump, and 100 pound generator. Manually drive pickup, dump truck, end loader, backhoe and other heavy equipment. Must visually read and record information in writing on maintenance records and manually perform preventative maintenance on valves, hydrants and manholes. Manually flush fire hydrants in the field and record information on records. Verbally operate two way base, mobile and portable radios.
  9. Comprehend and follow oral and/or written instructions.
  10. Be knowledgeable of and practice good safety procedures in performing work.
  11. Work in a variety of locations, adverse conditions, all types of weather conditions and to perform all work in a safe and acceptable manner.
  12. Interact effectively and cooperatively with the public and co-workers using good communications and interpersonal skills. Work effectively both independently and as a team member.
  13. Be regularly available for overtime work and emergency work as needed for Distribution Division operations, emergency needs, and special projects. Overtime work is a necessary and expected part of this position.

Other Duties: Perform other duties related to the water and sewer system.

Work Environment: Work is performed primarily outdoors and exposes the employee to fumes, odors, dust, smoke, gases, excessive noise, extreme heat/cold weather, and working around moving vehicles. Work requires the operation of motor vehicles during the course of the work day. Protective equipment such as ear plugs, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and steel toe shoes are worn.

Physical Demands: Work requires the regular performance of physical tasks such as walking over rough or uneven surface, standing for extended periods of time, bending, stooping, crouching, crawling, kneeling, working in restricted and/or confined spaces, climbing, frequent lifting and carrying of moderately heavy objects between 15 and 49 pounds, occasional lifting and carrying of heavy objects 50 pounds or over, and operating hand and power tools and equipment. Work also requires the ability to perceive and/or discriminate colors, sounds, depth, and texture.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: Must have a high school diploma or equivalent; must possess or obtain and maintain a valid CDL Class B Illinois driver’s license with air-brake and tank endorsements within sixty (60) days of employment. Must pass a pre-interview calculator and math test; must pass pre-employment and ongoing random drug screening tests; a pre-employment background check; and a pre-employment job duty physical evaluation.

Employee must obtain and maintain a Class “D” water operator’s license from with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) within four (4) years of employment; obtaining and maintaining this license is a condition of employment.

Normal Work Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM; Occasional fill-in for Board Runner duties (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) 

Residency Boundary Requirement (Residency within the City’s “9 mile boundary” is required within six months of employment.)

Regular, Full-time Position, Overtime Eligible

Salary: $17.17/hour (after 6 months of satisfactory probationary employment, the employee may be moved to the Plumber’s Union first six month apprentice wage which is currently $18.40/hour; this position has a 4 year apprenticeship period with a graduated salary scale).

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment and resume to the Human Resources Office, 200 S. Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, Illinois 62901 by 5:00PM on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.  Application and full job description may be obtained at City Hall or printed from the City’s website at www.explorecarbondale.com. The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Tara Brown
Human Resources Manager

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