Senior Engineering Technician

City of Carbondale, Illinois 
Job Opening Announcement/Job Description
August 25, 2017
Title:   Senior Engineering Technician
Dept./Div:  Public Works/Engineering

Nature of Work: This is a regular, full-time position in the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department responsible for performing a broad variety of engineering, surveying, drafting, and computer work.  This position performs work both outdoors and in an office setting.  The Senior Engineering Technician is directly responsible to and is supervised and evaluated by the Public Works Director/City Engineer.

Essential Duties:

1. Perform duties as survey crew chief, rodman, construction inspector, and engineering technician.

• Supervise and effectively communicate with the field crew in the running of lines and grades, gathering of data, measuring of areas, and able to upload and download information electronically.
• Effectively and accurately use total stations, chains and plumb bobs and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.
• Transport or designate a driver to transport field crews to the job site via a City vehicle.
• Perform fieldwork including but not limited to climbing ladders, crossing ditches, climbing embankments, descending into ditches or trenches using proper safety precautions.
• Drive stakes with an 8-pound sledgehammer.
• Carry equipment weighing up to 25 pounds for as much as 5 miles a day.
• Work as much as eight hours or more a day out-of-doors in all weather conditions.
• Perform and/or supervise taking accurate field measurements using optical levels, total stations, and theodolites. 
• Upload information electronically to use in the field with the total station or GPS equipment and download information electronically in the office that was gathered in the field.
• Perform and/or supervise taking precise measurements or locating points by the use of total stations, chains and plumb bobs or GPS equipment.
• Accurately take and record field data in to notebooks using pencil and paper in a legible manner and in standard engineering/surveying format.
• Oversee the engineering details of a construction project and assure the satisfactory completion of the project.
• Accurately record and maintain construction job records for a project (written and computer).
• Review shop drawings and technical data to insure compliance with specifications.
• Perform computations in the office and/or field either, manually, with a calculator, or by computer, as available.
• Effectively and accurately use and apply basic mathematic principles.
• Supervise and assist in the gathering of data on City utilities, which includes removing and replacing valve box and manhole lids weighing up to 125 pounds with a pick or pry bar.
• Supervise and assist in locating and marking utilities using electronic devices.
• Effectively use, maintain and clean field equipment.

2. Perform duties as computer aided draftsperson, engineering drafter & designer, and office assistant.

• Effectively use personal computers and software including but not limited to: Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Infrastructure Design Suite, and Geographical Information System software (ArcGIS).
• Effectively use drafting instruments and equipment and basic mathematics related to engineering work.
• Work as much as four hours or more in front of a computer screen or work at a standard height drafting table or desk.
• Discern colored data from a computer screen and colored detailed lines and drawings.
• Assist other City Departments and/or Divisions with preparation of maps, sketches, charts, and presentations as required.
• Prepare colored maps, charts, and drawings for official presentations.
• Make manual and calculator assisted computations in the office or field.
• Effectively utilize filing system methods and indexing.
• As necessary, write and/or review legal descriptions incorporated in ordinances and resolutions for review by the City Engineer or City Land Surveyor.
• As necessary, write legal descriptions for easements, right-of-way, and deeds for review by the City Engineer or City Land Surveyor.
• Interpret legal descriptions and prepare plats from a combination of sketches, coordinates, and written and verbal instructions for review by the City Engineer or City Land Surveyor.
• Perform civil engineering design works on various public works projects including but not necessarily limited to water, sewer, and street constructions using various design manuals.
• Prepare final drawings/plans, cost estimates and specifications for various City construction jobs for review by the City Engineer or other City Civil Engineers.
• Review construction plans for accuracy, conformance to City codes, quality and cost effectiveness.
• Effectively utilize the County Clerk’s system of recording legal documents.
• Research property records to determine ownership.
• Effectively use office equipment including but not limited to personal computers, calculators, and copy machines; effectively communicate in writing and orally over the telephone and in person.
• Assist with the review of Utility Work in Rights – Of – Way and Construction On Public Rights – Of – Way Permits

3. Communicate effectively both orally, in person, over the telephone and by two-way radio, and in writing.

4. Use tact and good judgment and utilize strong and effective interpersonal skills in interacting with co-workers, members of the community, agencies, and organizations; work effectively both independently and as a team member.

5. Safely operate motor vehicles as necessary to perform duties.

Other Duties: Perform other duties as necessary to accomplish the mission, goals and objectives of the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department of the City of Carbondale.

Work Environment: Work is performed both indoors and outdoors exposing the employee to extreme heat/cold weather and working around moving vehicles.  Protective equipment which may be worn includes hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, and the like.

Physical Demands: Office work is essentially sedentary with occasional walking, bending, lifting of objects under 25 pounds, and requires the ability to sit for extended period of time, to operate personal computers, and to perceive and/or discriminate colors, sounds, depth, and texture.  Work outdoors requires frequent to continuous walking, at times over uneven or rough surface; standing; occasionally lifting and carrying moderately heavy objects between 15-49 pounds and occasionally heavy objects 50 pounds or over.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: Associate Degree in Engineering Technology or related field with course work in computer-aided drafting and a minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar position is required; a bachelor’s of science degree in Civil Engineering may be substituted for some experience.  Proficiency in AutoCAD is required; experience with Civil 3D or similar programs is preferred.  Familiarity with Civil Engineering terms, procedures and design methods preferred.  Must possess or obtain and maintain a valid Illinois driver’s license.

Residency Boundary Requirement (As a condition of employment with the City of Carbondale, employees are required to maintain their primary residence within the City’s “9 mile boundary”; new employees have a grace period of six (6) months to fulfill this requirement)

Regular, Full-time Position, Overtime Eligible (some mandatory overtime work required)

Salary Range 7 – Starting Salary $25.18 to $26.34/hour (DOQ)

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment and resume to the Human Resources Office, 200 S. Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, Illinois 62901.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Application and full job description may be obtained at City Hall or printed from the City’s website at  The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tara Brown
Human Resources Director

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