Schwartz Street Improvements

Schwartz Street Improvements
CIP #ST8705

The FY 2015 Community Investment Program budget includes $410,700 for the Schwartz Street Improvements (Oakland to Eason) (CIP  ST8705), with the contractual construction and contingency budget being $379,500 and Resident Engineering being $31,200. This project consists of reconstructing Schwartz Street between Oakland Avenue and Eason Drive with new curb and gutters, inlets, storm sewers, sidewalks and appurtenances. This project will provide better access to the area and eliminate the open ditches.

Specifications for the Schwartz Street Improvements (Oakland to Eason) (CIP ST8705) were prepared and the bid was advertised in the Southern Illinoisan on Sunday, May 25, 2014. Bid invitations were sent to five (5) contractors and two (2) plan houses as shown on the attached Certificate. One (1) contractor purchased the specifications.

One (1) bid was received on June 16, 2014, as shown on the attached Bid Tabulation. The low bid was submitted by E.T. Simonds Construction Company of Carbondale, IL in the amount of $479,438.53. Staff has reviewed the bid and although it is $99,938.53 above the budgeted funds staff believes that the bid is good and the project should be awarded. Staff further believes that the higher cost is primarily due to the small scale of the project which lends to higher unit costs for the various construction items.

Also attached is a budget adjustment and ordinance amending the FY2015 budget to include $125,000 in additional funds to cover the over budget amount ($99,938.53) as well as $25,061.47 in construction contingency funds to cover quantity adjustments and unforeseen items. The additional funds will be transferred from the General Fund, fund balance into the Local Improvement Fund.

See the following link to access the Bid Document 15-03 for the Schwartz Street Improvements.


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