Public Works Seasonal Worker (1)

City of Carbondale, Illinois
Job Opening Announcement/Job Description
July 6, 2018

Title: Public Works Seasonal Worker (1)

Dept./Div.: Public Works/Maintenance and Environmental Services

Nature of Work: This is a temporary, generally full-time position within the Maintenance and Environmental Services Division (MES) of the Public Works Department not to exceed 999 hours of work within a twelve-month period. The Public Works Seasonal Worker assists with various activities in the MES Division involving the maintenance of public rights-of-way and other City owned or maintained properties. Assignments may be made within the Forestry, Cemetery, or Street Maintenance Divisions. The type of work is dependent upon the season. Seasonal work includes but is not limited to such duties as mowing and weed eating grass, clearing brush, trimming trees, planting grass, bushes and trees, removing litter, sweeping and cleaning, watering plants and trees, collecting landscape materials including vacuuming leaves from curbside, clearing snow and painting City facilities. The Seasonal Worker reports to and is supervised by a crew leader or foreman and is evaluated by the respective division head under the guidance of the Maintenance Environmental Services Manager.

Essential Duties:

  1. Perform heavy manual labor to lift heavy objects from the ground level into trucks and back out again; use standard hand tools such as picks, shovels, and rakes to disturb, dig, grade, sod, or otherwise move dirt and debris sometimes weighing over fifty (50) pounds; including the planting of trees, shrubs, bushes and the like.
  2. Perform heavy manual labor and sustained operation of gas powered string trimmers and walk-behind, push-type lawn mowers to trim and mow grass, weeds, and the like. Spread grass seed, fertilizer, and other materials by hand and/or use hand cranked spreaders.
  3. Perform heavy manual labor to rake or use other standard hand tools and power leaf blower to collect leaves. Operate the chute of the vacuum leaf truck to remove leaves and debris piled in ditches or along boulevard areas for seasonal leaf program and ditch cleaning. Continual lifting of bags and bundles of landscape and yard waste sometimes weighing up to 35 pounds or more into truck to remove debris from curbside.
  4. Perform heavy manual labor to trim prune trees, shrubs, and plants via the use of manual and power pruners, loppers, clippers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and the like; manually drag debris and limbs and load into trucks or chippers. 
  5. Perform manual but sometimes delicate and detailed labor using brush, sprayer or other applicator to apply paint to poles, railings, curbs pavements and other outdoor facilities and to walls ceilings and floors of indoor facilities.
  6. Climb onto, drive, and operate standard and/or automatic shift utility tractors and mowers with front, mid, or rear mounted equipment; maintain a watchful eye, and properly use controls to raise and lower equipment, select gears, and adjusting engine rpm as necessary to maintain proper speed and rotations of equipment and accessories.
  7. Work safely and effectively in and around traffic, excavations, construction sites, buildings, and other job site locations.
  8. Manually measure, by use of graduated containers, and mix oil and fuel, paint and thinners, and the like to required ratios.
  9. Manually maintain all tools, equipment, and supplies by establishing a regular cleaning schedule and seeing that all tools and supplies are returned to their respective storage at the end of each day and that all repairs are made promptly.
  10. Drive City vehicles with manual and/or automatic transmissions between Public Works facility and work sites or other locations as needed and directed.
  11. Safely and effectively operate all power equipment, vehicles, hand tools, and other machinery by observing all standard and special safety operating procedures, guidelines, and requirements; while being alert, courteous and aware of your surroundings and others in and around the work area.
  12. Work outside in variable and adverse weather conditions and terrains; use proper and required personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times while performing work tasks and duties.
  13. Communicate effectively with City employees and the public in person, in writing and by radio and telephone. Comprehend and follow oral and written communications. Track your daily work in writing and submit to your supervisor.
  14. Use tact and good judgment and utilize effective interpersonal skills with co-workers and the public; coordinate and cooperate with other City staff in performing functions; work effectively both independently and as a team member.

Other Duties: Perform other tasks as assigned for the overall operation of the Public Works Department.

Work Environment: Work is performed primarily outdoors and exposes the employee to fumes, odors, smoke, gases, excessive noise, extreme heat and cold, rain, snow and other weather conditions, and working around moving vehicles. Protective equipment such as ear plugs, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and steel toe boots are required. 

Physical Demands: Work requires the regular and at times sustained performance of heavier physical tasks such as walking over rough or uneven surfaces, bending, stooping, crouching, crawling, kneeling, climbing, sustained operation string trimmers and mowers, working in restricted and/or confined spaces, frequent to continuous lifting and carrying of moderately heavy objects between 15 and 49 pounds and occasional lifting and carrying of objects 50 pounds or over. Must climb and work from ladders and platforms to heights up to 30 feet; work safely in streets in and around automobile traffic. Work requires the ability to perceive and/or discriminate colors, sounds, depth, and texture.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: High school degree or equivalent. Must have and maintain a valid Illinois driver’s license, experience performing manual labor in variable weather conditions and terrains. Must pass pre-employment drug screening and background checks.

Temporary, Full-time Position (not to exceed 999 hours), Overtime Eligible

Salary Range 1 at $10.47/hr. 

Residency Boundary Requirement

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment to the Human Resources Office at City Hall, 200 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, by 4:30 PM on Friday, July 13, 2018. Applications may be obtained at City Hall or printed from the City’s website The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tara Brown
Human Resources Manager

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