Probationary Apprentice Teamster

City of Carbondale, Illinois
Job Opening Announcement/Job Description

March 15, 2017

Job Title:   Probationary Apprentice Teamster
Dept./Division:    Public Works/Refuse & Recycling

Nature of Work: This is a regular, full-time position involving the collection and disposal of solid waste (garbage, recyclables, landscape waste, & other refuse) included in the City's Solid Waste Collection Programs. The Probationary Apprentice Teamster is responsible for the physical collection and proper disposal of solid waste which may include garbage and other refuse, recyclables and landscape waste. Work requires strenuous manual labor in the form of lifting and carrying requiring good hand and eye coordination in the use of equipment control levers used for volume reduction and loading assist. Driving and operating solid waste vehicles and equipment is required. The Probationary Apprentice Teamster follows the lead of the refuse truck driver while on the collection route, but reports, is directly responsible to and is evaluated by the Refuse and Recycling Supervisor under the direction of the Maintenance and Environmental Services Manager.

Essential Duties:

1.  Collect and Dispose of Solid Waste:

  • climb frequently in and out of truck; ride standing on rear worker step and/or walk briskly between stops
  • visually locate and manually pick-up and carry solid waste in approved containers, bundles or as individual items weighing up to 50 pounds from set-out location to the truck
  • lift items to heights of 3 to 4 feet and deposit them into the truck hopper in bulk or by visually identifying recyclables and sorting into specified truck tubs
  • verbally request assistance from the truck driver when items may weigh over 50 pounds.
  • manually return containers to their original location in a manner that does not obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic
  • manually operate the hydraulic control levers or buttons to activate compaction, dumping or unloading mechanisms
  • visually watch for and direct driver when the truck is backing
  • accompany refuse driver to landfill, or remain at yard to perform additional duties as assigned
  • traverse daily routes while driving and operating solid waste collection equipment w/standard or automatic transmission including those having custom right hand drive with capacities up to and including a 50,000 pound dual axle truck refuse compaction truck
  • drive refuse compaction truck continuously for one hour each day as a relief from repetitive lifting and/or at other times as a training exercise and/or when needed as a vacation/sick leave substitute for regular driver
  • memorize and recall established collection routes to promote efficient and effective customer service
  • load recyclable igloo containers onto truck by manually affixing the appropriate hooks and cables of the knuckle-boom crane to the igloo and operating the appropriate hydraulic control mechanisms of the crane

2. Service and Clean Equipment:

  • manually conduct pre-operation visual and manual check of vehicles and equipment prior to use
  • adjust equipment fluid levels and tire pressures; replace inoperative light bulbs; check radio for proper operation
  • operate compaction mechanism to warm fluids and check for hydraulic leaks
  • apply lubricants to daily lube points
  • perform walk-around visual inspection checking for pre-operation physical damage
  • present truck to the garage when deficiencies cannot be resolved without assistance from mechanic
  • manually clean truck cab and body, or other equipment after each days use, using high-pressure washer, brush, and required soaps and solvents
  • climb a 12-foot ladder to wash and access service locations at top of certain trucks and equipment
  • clean up maintenance garage wash bay and operator maintenance bay in after each use

3. Clean and Maintain Public Works Maintenance Facility

  • perform manual janitorial work to clean facility buildings requiring use of standard janitorial procedures and appropriate tools, such as, brooms, mops, squeegees, power vacuums, etc.
  • pick up litter, sweep, remove snow and ice from walks and drive, mow grass, and trim shrubs about the Public Works Maintenance Facility requiring basic knowledge of the proper use of small manual and power equipment including by not limited to shovels, rakes, power mowers, hedge trimmers and edgers, snow blowers, etc.

4. Practice Good Safety

  • exercise extreme caution and good judgment when working around and operating vehicles and other related equipment and when performing other work assignments
  • comply with both verbal and written policies concerning safe operation of vehicles and other equipment and other work assignments

5. Communicate effectively

  • comprehend and follow both verbal and written instructions and sometimes over two-way radio and/or telephone
  • speak clearly and distinctly into microphone, two-way radio and telephone in order to be clearly understood
  • follow specific individual instructions closely, so that proper routing and customer service can be monitored and maintained
  • keep minor hand written legible records while traversing collection route
  • Use tact and good judgment and utilize strong and effective interpersonal skills in interacting with co-workers and members of the community
  • Work effectively both independently and as a team member

Other Duties: Perform other duties and assignments related to the overall operations in the Maintenance and Environmental Services Division of the Public Works Department.

Work Environment: Work is performed primarily outdoors and exposes the employee to fumes, odors, smoke, gases, excessive noise, extreme heat/cold weather, and working on, in and around moving vehicles. Protective equipment such as ear plugs, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and steel toe shoes are worn.

Physical Demands: Work requires the regular and sustained performance of heavier physical tasks such as walking over rough or uneven surfaces, bending, stooping, crouching, crawling, kneeling, working in restricted and/or confined spaces, climbing and frequent to continuous lifting and carrying of moderately heavy objects between 15 and 49 pounds and frequent lifting and carrying of heavy objects 50 pounds or more. Work also requires the ability to perceive and/or discriminate colors, sounds, depth and texture.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: Must have a high school diploma or equivalent; must possess or obtain and maintain a valid CDL Class B Illinois driver’s license with air-brake and tank endorsements within sixty (60) days of employment. Must pass pre-employment and ongoing random drug screening tests; a pre-employment background check; and a pre-employment job duty physical evaluation. The ability to perform sustained heavy manual labor is required.

Residency Boundary Requirement (Residency within the City’s “9 mile boundary” is required within six months of employment.
Regular Full-time Position, Overtime Eligible
Salary: $14.28/hour (after 6 months of satisfactory probationary employment, the employee may be moved to the Teamsters Union first six month apprentice wage which is currently $15.30/hour; this position has a 4 year apprenticeship period with a graduated salary scale).

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment and resume to the Human Resources Office, 200 S. Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, Illinois 62901 by 5:00PM on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.  Application and full job description may be obtained at City Hall or printed from the City’s website at

The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tara Brown
Human Resources Manager

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