Notice to Refuse Customers of Upcoming Change to Refuse Collection Services


The City of Carbondale is excited to inform customers of an upcoming change to refuse collection services. Please see the proposed outlined below:



  • Require the use of City-provided containers. Each residential customer will be provided with one 95 gallon roll-out cart or one 45 gallon roll-out cart. Customers wishing to choose a smaller can need to contact the City Water office at (618)457-3265 by August 4, 2017, both cans can be viewed at the water office. Customers not responding will receive a 95 Gallon Cart. Carts are expected to be delivered in October.
  • Monthly refuse rates will remain the same at $12.00/month as most of the incurred costs are for labor and equipment.
  • Monthly recycling fees will also remain the same at $3.20/month.
  • Residential refuse customers can request one (1) additional roll-out cart at no cost for the cart. The monthly cost for the additional roll-out cart will be 50% of the standard monthly rate ($6.00/month additional cost); this would result in a monthly refuse bill of $18.00 for up to 190 gallons of refuse disposal per month.
  • Any refuse left outside the can will incur extra volume pick-up charges. These charges will remain the same at $10.00 for the first minute plus $7.50 for each additional minute. This cost would be automatically billed for any items set outside of the 95-gallon roll-out cart, including large items (i.e. couches, mattresses, etc.).
  • Damaged roll-out carts, due to normal wear and tear, will be repaired or replaced by the City at no cost to the residents. Replacement carts or carts damaged due to negligence will be available at a replacement cost of $75.00 per roll-out cart.
  • Due to new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, landscape waste facilities can no longer accept clear plastic bags. Accordingly, staff would like to move from 35 gallon (maximum) clear plastic bags to 30 gallon (maximum) paper lawn waste bags. These bags are environmentally friendly and meet current EPA guidelines and are readily available at various vendors in the City.

As a reminder, the City encourages that all residential customers get involved in the recycling program.  The City provides recycling bins at no cost to residential customers.  Recycling helps alleviate refuse volumes to the landfill and can benefit the community and the environment.  These bins can be scheduled for delivery at the Maintenance and Environmental Services Office by phone at (618)457-3275 or location at 212 W. Willow.

The City of Carbondale greatly appreciates your time and patience, and looks forward to making this transition with each resident.       


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