Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant treats all the wastewater from the western portion of Carbondale. The facility also receives industrial wastewater from the Bicentennial Industrial Park, Carbondale Industrial Park and the industrial transfer sewer. The industrial wastewater is initially processed at the industrial pre-treatment plant and then its waste is discharged into and treated in the domestic plant. All the waste is discharged to the Big Muddy River or used to irrigate the Hickory Ridge Golf Course.


In FY 2017, the plant replaced domestic plant bar screen at headworks. Also, blowers in the domestic plant were replaced with energy efficient equipment. Upgrades of doors, structures and windows continued.


Airation & Digester Basins

Original Drying Beds

Primary Clarifers and Grit Chamber

Drying Beds

Final Clarifier

Anarobic Digester,Original Plant Bldg

New Railing Contract Panel FY2013

Trickling Filter Replaced FY2014

Ultra Violet Disinfection Unit


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