Finance Department

The mission of the Finance Department is to provide sound financial advice to the City Manager, City Council and all departments and provide professional financial management support to help maintain a fiscally sound government organization that conforms to legal requirements and generally accepted financial accounting principles and standards. Financial administration is responsible for the custody of all of the City’s assets and provides various financial services including budget preparation and execution, preparation of the annual property tax levy, management of the City’s investments. The Financial Management Division consists of four diversified, but interrelated functions: Financial Administration, Accounting, Revenue and Purchasing/Risk Management. The Department also manages the Information Systems and Public Parking Services Divisions.

The Accounting Division provides services including financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and financial accounting for the Police and Fire pension funds. To keep with the open records legislation that governs documents at the state and local level a registry of the current and previous fiscal year warrants can be found here, and are listed in order from current to the beginning of the fiscal year. The City of Carbondale's fiscal year begins May1 and ends April 30 of each year.

The Purchasing and Risk Management Division provides administration of the City’s property and liability insurance, the City’s purchasing function and the safety training programs.

The Information Systems Division provides services to operating divisions of the City. Several major computerized systems are maintained by this Division including payroll; water, sewer, and refuse billings; parking violations; land use; and the City’s accounting system. The Division maintains the City’s computer hardware, software and manages the networks that link the City’s different complexes internally and to the Internet.

The Revenue Division issues the billings and collects the fees for water, sewer, refuse, landscape waste, parking permits and weed mowing. Locally imposed and collected taxes include the Hotel/Motel Room Rental Tax, the three-cent per gallon Municipal Motor Fuel Tax and Utility Taxes on water, electricity, and natural gas. It also administers the parking enforcement functions of the City and receives all parking revenues.

In FY 2018, the City received its 31st Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. In order to receive this award, a governmental unit must publish a budget document that meets program criteria as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan, and as a communications device. The City also received its 25th consecutive (GFOA) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting award for the City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CFAR), the City governments public financial document. The City's budget can be accessed on the Financial Overview page.







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