Office of the City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office is responsible for:

  • Acting as adviser to the City of Carbondale in matters involving general municipal operations and administration
  • Advising City staff on legal issues
  • Representing the City in legal proceedings
  • Reviewing and preparing legal documents
  • Updating the Carbondale Revised Code
  • Prosecuting ordinance violations 

Alternatives to Appearing in Court: 

If a person commits a City ordinance violation and is a first-time offender, there are alternative resolutions to appearing in City court:

  • Pay-By-Mail Program: Pay a set administrative fee in lieu of appearing in court
  • Community Service: Perform a certain number of community service work hours at a specified/approved work site and pay only a portion of the set fine as an administrative fee

Pay-By-Mail/Community Service Instructions

Collection of Debts:

The City Attorney will take legal action against a person who fails or refuses to pay any outstanding debt to the City. This includes: unpaid bills, weed mowing and dishonored checks.

Ordinance Violations/Traffic Citations:

All City of Carbondale Ordinance Violations and Traffic Citations are prosecuted through the First Judicial Circuit Court in Murphysboro, Illinois.  All fines can be be mailed to or paid in person at the Jackson County Circuit Clerk's Office in Murphysboro, Illinois. For more information call (618) 687-7300.

Mediacom Complaints:

If you have Mediacom service, live within City limits and are having service related issues to cable television service, you may file a complaint with the City. We will work with the both the complainant and Mediacom to ensure quality customer service. 

Jamie Snyder, City Attorney
200 S. Illinois Avenue 
P.O. Box 2047
Carbondale, IL 62902-2047
(618) 457-3215
Office hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday 
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