Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Budget - Budget Summaries Section Three

City of Carbondale
Financial Overview - Budget Summaries Section Three








                         Carbondale Armory (Vacant)                                                      Carbondale Armory (New Facility)            

Photo 1 - The now vacant Carbondale Armory, built in 1938, has a 32,400 square-foot main building and two detached buildings used for vehicle maintenance and vehicle storage, respectively, that were built in the 1950s. The armory's main building is no longer in use, but the vehicle maintenance and storage facilities are.

Photo 2 - The facility was replaced in July of 2011 by an $11.4 million complex with 58,353 square feet of space for operations, training and equipment storage. The new armory, located north of the New Era and Airport roads, sits on land donated by the Southern Illinois Airport Authority.

Budget Summaries Section Three

The Budget Summaries Section Three of this budget document includes the Major Revenue Sources. This includes the descriptions, projections assumptions and trends.

Major Revenue Sources

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