Mayor Cole Announces New City of Carbondale Website

City of Carbondale, Illinois
Office of the Mayor

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2009
Mayor Cole Announces New City of Carbondale Website

The City of Carbondale has launched a new, comprehensive and accessible website designed to enhance the public’s electronic involvement and awareness of local government issues.

"This new web address ( is the result of months of work to create a web presence with greater ease for navigation, more information, access to forms and budget data, tourism and economic development materials, and a thorough review of all City programs and services," said Mayor Brad Cole. "We are very excited to officially launch it today."

While the former web address ( will continue to work, the new web address emphasizes the community as a place to start and stay, while exploring Carbondale and Southern Illinois on-line.

A key new component to the website is the "Citizen Access" link at the bottom of each page. The "Access" page contains helpful information about the City’s long standing policies on open government. Using "" as an on-line resource guide that empowers people who demand accountability and openness from their local and state governments, the City of Carbondale’s new website provides an open platform for providing information to the public at all times and goes above-and-beyond what many other communities make readily available to their citizens, the media and other interested parties.

"Open governance and accessible information are keys to building public confidence, and we are committed to a high level of accountability that can be seen in all of our municipal activities" said the Mayor. "An example of one area that we will focus on is the release of federal stimulus money and how it will be spent in Carbondale."

We encourage everyone to get online and become acquainted with our new website.


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