Fiscal Year 2012 - Community Investment Fund




The Company had its origin in 1901, when Charles R. Walgreen bought the drugstore, on the south side of Chicago, at which he had been working as a pharmacist. In 2010, the number of Walgreens stores has grown to 7,000 nationwide. In September of 2010, Carbondale opened its 2nd Walgreens within the city limits.





Community Investment Funds are created to account for financial resources to be used for the acquisition or construction of major capital facilities, except for those financed by Special Revenue Funds and Proprietary Funds. The Community Investment Funds provide a formal mechanism which enables administrators to ensure that revenues restricted to a certain, relatively permanent purpose are used only for that purpose.

The Local Improvement Fund provides the control for construction of Community Investment Program projects that are not funded in other capital project, governmental, or proprietary funds. The primary sources of funding include the three-cent per gallon locally collected municipal motor fuel tax, any grant funds and the funding source transfer from the General Fund.

Community Investments Department
Summary Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balance
Statement of Revenues and Other Financing Sources

Division Expenditure Budgets:
44007 - CIP and Replacement


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