Fiscal Year 2012 - Budget Summaries Section One




Shryock Auditorium, SIU Campus, was built in 1917, photo circa 1960, served the University as an auditorim, office for the University President and Registrar, two classrooms and the Trustees room. Named after then President Henry William Shryock who served from 1913 to 1935.






The Shryock Auditorim grounds serves as a gathering place for the community for one of two venues for the Summer Sunset Concerts Series. photo circa 2011.








Shryock Auitorium, photo circa 2011. In 1970, the Auditorium was remodeled preserving the architectural integrity of the building. It is the largest Auditorium in Southern Illinois, seating 1,214, is home to Southern Lights Entertainment, the School of Music and the Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra.



Budget Summaries Section One

The Budget Summaries Section One of this budget document includes the Financial Structure.

Financial Structure


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