Planning Services

Planning Services is responsible for:
  • Facilitating growth and development in the City and surrounding area
  • Administrating the City's zoning and site plan regulations
  • Coordinating annexations and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan
  • Providing support for various boards and commissions
  • Collecting and analyzing data

Site Plan Review:

Construction within the City limits of a new or an addition to a commercial structure or a residential building containing more than two units requires the approval of a site plan by the Development Assistance Committee. Applications for site plan approval and a checklist for completing the application process are available in Planning Services. The site plan review requires that a plan be submitted by a design professional that addresses development issues including drainage design, parking lot design and lighting, utility connections and fire protection, disabled accessibility and landscaping.

Zoning and Subdivision Administration:

The City of Carbondale enforces a zoning and subdivision ordinance within 1 1/2 miles outside of City limits. The Zoning Ordinance regulates the uses that can be placed on a property as well as building setbacks, height limitations, occupancy limitations and parking requirements.

Before a new use of a property is proposed, the current or potential property owner should contact Planning Services to verify the zoning of the parcel. After the zoning is identified, staff will assist the owner in interpreting the zoning ordinance to ensure that the proposed change is either a permitted use or a special use. If the proposed use is not permitted in the existing zoning district the property owner may be required to apply for a Special Use Permit or may want to consider applying to have the property rezoned to a district that would permit the use. Special Use Permit and Rezoning Applications are processed by Planning Services and require a public hearing be held before the Planning Commission prior to the City Council making the final decision on a request.

The Subdivision Ordinance regulates the division of property into new lots. Within 1 1/2 miles of City limits dividing a parcel into smaller lots must first have a subdivision plat approved by the City Council. The Engineering Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of representatives of City Departments that review the subdivision plans for compliance with applicable road standards, utility extensions and other development requirements. Planning Services coordinates the subdivision review process.


Chris Wallace, Development Services Director
200 S. Illinois Avenue
P.O. Box 2047
Carbondale, Illinois 62902-2047
(618) 457-3248


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