Fiscal Year 2011 Budget - Debt Service Fund




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The Debt Service Fund accounts for financial resources to be used for the redemption of principal, interest and paying agent fees for General Obligation Bonds issued on behalf of Governmental Fund Types. The primary source of revenue to the Debt Service Fund is subsidy from the General Fund. Also transfers from the Motor Fuel Tax Fund and the Community Investment Fund contribute to Debt Service Fund revenues. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2004, the City council stopped levying a tax and the standing levies for the General Obligation Bonds are abated in their entirety. Currently, the General Fund provides the financial resources to the Debt Service Fund until such time as the City’s Tax Levy may be reinstituted.

Debt Service Department
Summary Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balance
Statement of Revenues and Other Financing Sources
Statement of Expenditures and Other Financing Uses

Division Expenditures Budgets:
43012 - 2003 G. O. Refunding Bonds
43013 - 2004 G.O. Refunding Bonds
43014 - 2006 G.O. Refunding Bonds

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