Fiscal Year 2011 - General Fund



This illustration from the Saint Louis-based Arcturis Architecture firm shows what the new Carbondale Public Safety Center will look like from its entrance along Washington Street. Its architectural style will be similar to the Carbondale City Hall/Civic Center.  



The General Fund accounts for all revenues and expenditures used to finance the traditional services associated with the municipal government which are not accounted for in other funds. In Carbondale these services include general government, public safety, development services, public works, and community services. Capital equipment and economic development debt service expenditures and transfers to other funds are accounted for in this fund. The primary revenue sources for this fund are sales and service (utility) taxes, and intergovernmental revenues, such as Illinois income tax and corporate replacement taxes.

Summary Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balance
Statement of Revenues and Other Financing Sources
Statement of Expenditures and Other Financing Uses

General Government Department
Organizational Chart - General Government Department

Division Expenditure Budgets:
40000 - Mayor and Council
40001 - City Manager
40002 - City Clerk
40003 - City Attorney

Administrative Services Department
Organizational Chart - Administrative Services Department

Division Expenditure Budgets:
40005 - Human Resources

General Government Department
Division Expenditure Budgets:
40006 - Economic Development
40010 - Support Services

Administrative Services Department
Division Expenditure Budgets
40015 - City Hall / Civic Center

Finance Department
Organizational Chart - Finance Department

Division Expenditure Budgets:
40030 - Financial Management
40033 - Information Systems

Police Department
Organizational Chart - Police Department

Division Expenditure Budget:
40101 - Police Protection

Fire Department
Organizational Chart - Fire Department

Division Expenditure Budget:
40151 - Fire Protection
40161 - Emergency Management

Development Services Department
Organizational Chart - Development Services Department

40200 - Development Management
40210 - Building and Neighborhood Services
40220 - Planning

Public Works Department
Organizational Chart - Public Works Department

Division Expenditure Budgets:
40300 - Engineering and Administrative
40310 - Equipment Maintenance
40350 - Street Maintenance
40370 - Cemeteries
40390 - Forestry

Community Services Department
Division Expenditure Budgets:
40400 - Community Services Administration
40425 - Agencies and Organizations

Funding Source Transfers
Division Expenditure Budget
40900 - Transfers to Other Funds


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