Minutes & Agendas of City Council & Liquor Commission Meetings

The following links are designated for viewing of Minutes and Agendas of City Council Meetings and Local Liquor Control Commission.

Please access the Streaming Media Archive site to view past (October 2012) through present Meetings of the Carbondale City Council and Local Liquor Control Commission.

Prior Meetings (January 2008 - October 2012) have audio recordings available only.


Agendas of every City Council Meeting is listed below with minutes of each meeting when made available. Out to the side of each Council Meeting is the agenda with documentation backup of each item which can be accessed.

Access the following link to view Agendas and Minutes for the corresponding Year.
2016 Minutes and Agendas  
2015 Minutes and Agendas  
2014 Minutes and Agendas  
2013 Minutes and Agendas  
2012 Minutes and Agendas  
2011 Minutes and Agendas  
2010 Minutes and Agendas  
2009 Minutes and Agendas  
2008 Minutes and Agendas  
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