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The Liquor Advisory Board reviews all liquor license applications. Before the Commission meets the Liquor Advisory Board will meet and discuss liquor license applications with all applicants and render an advisory opinion to the Local Liquor Control Commission as to the merits or demerits of each liquor license application it reviews.

The Liquor Control Commission meets before the City Council Meeting. These meeting are recorded and archived.

Press here to be re-directed to view the current Local Liquor Control Commission Meeting and access supporting documents. Agendas are available under the Local Liquor Control Commission Tab. Highlight the tab and select appropriate meeting. The meeting of June 14, 2016 to present have supporting documents available to download. Meeting prior to June 2016 to April 2016 have only the agenda available for viewing.

 An archive of Meetings, Agenda and Minutes of the Local Liquor Control Commission and supporting documents are available at the Streaming Media Archive Site.


To access Approved Minutes and Agendas from previous Liquor Commission Meetings follow the appropriate link below:

2017 Meeting of the Local Liquor Control Commission

2016 Meeting of the Local Liquor Control Commission

2015 Meetings of the Local Liquor Control Commission


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