Landscape Pickup Guidelines

Special Waste collection program expenses are recovered through a customer purchase of Special Waste Collection stickers that may be purchased at various grocery and hardware stores throughout the City and at City Hall.  Collection is authorized when the appropriate numbers of stickers are affixed to the items being collected. Sticker costs are currently $1 each. The numbers of Special Waste stickers required are:

  • Landscape waste collection is one (1) per bag or bundle
  • White goods collection is ten (10) for each non-refrigerated appliance and twenty (20) for each refrigerator, freezer or air-conditioner.
  • Automobile tire collection is four (4) for a tire off-the- rim and six (6) for a tire on-the-rim.


The cost of leaf disposal for the curbside leaf collection program is partially recovered by assessing a fee to the refuse portion of the water and sewer bill each time the service is provided. The expenses for collecting the leaves are defrayed by the General Funds contribution of labor and equipment, which are considered supplemental funding to the program and no attempts to recover these costs are made.  A special reduced price period for the curbside leaf program spans the months of November, December and January. Residents requesting service outside this period experience an increased rate. This additional fee is imposed due to increased collection costs after seasonal help is exhausted in December and due to the drainage problems that leaves create in winter and early spring. Fees for the curbside leaf collection program are:

  • The special Fall collection program (November, December and January) fee is $25 per leaf pile pickup.
  • The fee for the remainder of the year is $35 per leaf pile pickup
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