Lake Maintenance Worker (4)

City of Carbondale, Illinois
Job Opening Announcement/Job Description

March 7, 2017

Title:               Lake Maintenance Worker (4)
Dept./Div.:      Public Works/Lake Management

Nature of Work:  This is a temporary, full-time position (no benefits) in the Lake Management Division of the Public Works Department.  The Lake Maintenance Worker performs general maintenance and patrol duties, and during summer months assists with all phases of beach operations.  The Lake Maintenance Worker works various shifts including holidays and is supervised and evaluated by the Cedar Lake Supervisor or his designee:

Essential Duties:

  1. Perform heavy manual work including but not limited to 1) lifting heavy objects from the ground level into trucks and back out again; 2) digging post holes with post hole diggers; 3) driving fence posts into ground with post driver; 4) using six and eight pound sledge hammer to drive or burst objects; 5) using pick and shovel to disturb, dig and move dirt, rocks and other items; 6) stretching and nailing barbed wire and other types of fence and cable; 7) cutting trees and branches overhead and at ground level with chain saws and pole saws; 8) extinguishing fires by raking away flammable materials, using fire flappers and applying water; 9) using both power and hand drills to drill holes in metal, wood and other objects; 10) preparing concrete by mixing sand, cement and water at proper proportions in a container with a hoe or shovel, transporting it from the container to its desired location by shovel or wheelbarrow and finishing it with concrete floats, strikers and trowels; 11) making accurate measurements with rule or tape measure; 12) marking and cutting boards, post or other items to proper lengths by use of rule, square, protractor, power table and circle saw and hand saw; 13) putting materials together with hammer and nails, bolts and wrenches, screws and screw driver, glue and/or otherwise for the construction of signs, barricades, guard rails, low head dams, braces, retainers, buildings, boat docks and other structures; 14) painting signs, buildings, barricades, guard rails, boat dock and other items; 15) cleaning, stocking and organizing facilities including storage areas, shop, concession stand and restrooms; 16) spreading seed and fertilizer with hand cranked spreader while walking back and forth on steep and uneven terrain; 17) carrying bales of straw, rocks, dirt and other heavy objects up steep slopes and across uneven terrain and placing it in holes and washes; 18) digging and/or cleaning drainage ditches with pick and shovel, lifting pipe or culverts into ditches and covering with dirt and/or gravel; 19) grading or shoveling soil or gravel using hand tools and tractors to level lawn areas or roadways;  20) using wrenches, jacks and other appropriate power and hand tools to raise vehicles and heavy equipment, replace and/or repair tires, remove, sharpen on bench grinder or with a file and replace blades on various mowing equipment; and 21) repairing water and sewer lines by digging or otherwise exposing the pipe, cutting with saw, removing damaged section, replacing with new section and reconnecting with glue or solder.
  2. Swim using good working knowledge of water safety techniques.  Assist with beach maintenance and operations.
  3. Climb onto and drive a standard shift tractor while operating rear, front and/or mid-mounted equipment; safely and properly operate remote, slope and zero turn mowers; safely operate equipment on level ground, steep slopes and uneven terrain by maintaining a watchful eye; use controls to properly raise and lower equipment, select proper gears and adjust engine r.p.m. for proper speed and rotations of mowing equipment.
  4. Change equipment on the tractors' three point hitches by hand pulling the connecting pins, releasing and removing drive shaft from power take off shaft, moving tractor to properly align with other equipment, and hook up in the reverse order.
  5. Apply basic working knowledge of tractors, chain saws, lawn mowers (both riding, walk behind and push mowers), utility vehicles, string trimmers and boat motors; be able to maintain them, clean and perform proper repairs.
  6. Manually measure and mix oil and fuel by use of graduated containers, to required ratios.
  7. Perform erosion control work by hand seeding, fertilizing and adding straw; constructing terraces and low head dams with tractor and blade and/or manually with pick and shovels; manually installing water diversion bars, ditches or channels; and hand placing hay and other objects into washes.
  8. Insure that all public use areas are maintained, mowed, trimmed and free of litter by performing these and other needed tasks on a regular basis.
  9. Manually maintain all buildings in a clean and orderly manner and assures the proper care, maintenance and storage of all tools, equipment, and supplies by the establishment of a regular cleaning schedule and seeing that all tools and supplies are returned to their respective storage at the end of each day and that all repairs are made promptly.
  10. Perform necessary building, barricade, sign, fire trail and grounds maintenance; regularly check the conditions of each and report needed repairs.
  11. Perform road and water patrol and enforcing the Cedar Lake Rules and Regulations. Conduct road patrol by driving a truck and water patrol by operating a boat. Inform area users of regulations by posting them and verbally explaining them.
  12. Keep hand written records of jobs performed and the work hours devoted to each work unit.
  13. Safely and effectively operate a boat and motor by observing all water craft rules and regulations, being alert and courteous to others.
  14. Read and comprehend the ordinance governing Cedar Lake; be able to verbally explain and assist with enforcing ordinance; be able to testify in Court, if necessary.
  15. Pick up and collect litter or debris and dispose of properly; Clean restrooms and pit toilets on regular basis.
  16. Comprehend both oral and written instructions.
  17. Use tact and good judgment; Utilize strong and effective interpersonal skills in interacting with co-workers and the public; Work effectively both independently and as a team member.


Other Duties: Perform other tasks as assigned for the overall operation of the Lake.

Work Environment:  Work is performed primarily outdoors and exposes the employee to fumes, odors, smoke, gases, excessive noise, snakes, ticks and various insects, extreme heat, cold weather and rain; working around moving vehicles and dangerous machinery is common.  Protective equipment such as ear plugs, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, steel toe shoes, and personal floatation devices are worn.

Physical Demands:  Work requires frequent physical effort such as walking, standing, bending, climbing, reaching, pushing, lifting and carrying objects of moderate weight 15-50 pounds for short durations.  Work also requires the ability to perceive and/or discriminate colors, sounds, depth and texture.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:  Graduation from a standard high school or equivalent; Must be comfortable around water and have the ability to swim; Must be in good physical condition, able to perform heavy manual work and endurance in variable weather conditions; Must have and maintain a valid Illinois drivers license; Must pass background check and drug test; Steel toe boots are required footwear.

Temporary, Full-time Position/Over-time Eligible  
Open Until Filled
Salary:     Range 3     $13.21/hr.
Residency Boundary Requirement

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment to the Human Resources Office, 200 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, Illinois. Position will remain open until filled. Applications may be obtained at City Hall or printed from the City’s website

The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tara Brown
Human Resources Manager



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