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Jerrold Hennrich (Chair 2012 - present) - Carbondale resident since 2004, B.A. Political Science and Paralegal Studies, Captain in the Illinois Army National Guard

Interest in HRC - I am an advocate for transparency in government and citizen oversight of government entities. I take my role as HRC chair very seriously. It is imperative that the citizens of Carbondale have an advocate and a guide when communicating their issues to City government. The HRC can point you in the right direction and help connect citizens with the appropriate city official in addressing issues with the city.

Dr. Joseph Brown Ph.D. (Vice Chair) - Catholic priest and a Professor of Africana Studies at SlU. Published To Stand on the Rock: Meditations on Black Catholic Identity (1998) and The Sun Whispers, Wait: New and Collected Poems (2009).

Interest in HRC - My commitment is to improve the quality of civic life through engagement and service has been a constant aspect of his life, in whatever community I have resided. Issues relating to how SIU students are welcomed on campus and in the region are of special importance to me.

Dora "Micki" Weaver - Carbondale resident since 1972. Taught Psychology at SIUC, (being among the first African American women to teach on the SIUC campus.) PhD in Clinical Psychology from SIUC. Helps community by registering voters for elections, and the Jackson County 708 Board to distribute funds to local social and mental health agencies
Interest in HRC  - I believe that society is made up of diverse people and cultures. My primary motive in working with the Carbondale HRC comes from my belief that everyone from all cultures must experience equality in order to have a safe place to live, work and play.

Karriem Shariati - Carbondale Resident with a background in PR/Marketing.
Interest in HRC - "Through direct contacts with the patchwork of Carbondale peoples, civic service and activist groups, the HRC can be the thread that binds the collaborative efforts of the whole while proactively promoting goodwill and understanding towards our citizens."

Ted J. Gutierrez - I relocated with my wife (a Carbondale native) and son to Carbondale in 2011. I work as a small business counselor with the Small Business Development Center at SIU. I enjoy working with small business owners daily to help them succeed and has a pulse on the business community. I have a MBA in Business Administration from the University of Redlands in San Diego CA and a B.S. from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. 
Interest in HRC - I believe it is crucial that open and honest communication between Carbondale residents and city government must be established. I feel the Human Relations Committee has a responsibility to act as a liaison between the community and city government to improve well-being for all and economic growth for Carbondale and our region. I look forward to being a part of this.

Stephanie Brown - Stephanie Brown (2016 - present) - Carbondale resident since 1992, B.A.  Early Childhood Education, Family Services.  Veteran of the Illinois Army National Guard (1989-1996)

Interest in HRC – I enjoy living in Carbondale, and moved here because of the diversity in population. I enjoy raising my family here and being an active member in my community. I have a passion for children and a desire to help create programs that embrace our city’s diverse population. Programs that assure equality in educational facilities which provide for all children according to their potential and varying needs. To implement programs with the Chief of Police to create a knowledgeable and meaningful understanding of the special sensitivities of minority groups by all police officers. To work on behalf of persons with ASD and their families, providing valuable input and guidance to create knowledgeable and meaningful conversations with the community and creating autism acceptance.

Courtney Beverly (Serves as City Staff Support)



Previous Chairs of the HRC

  • Sam Goldman
  • Carmen Suarez
  • John Holmes
  • Hugh Muldoon
  • Jessica Bradshaw
  • Sidney Logwood

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