Fiscal Year 2018 - Annual Budget

City of Carbondale
Financial Overview - Community Investment Program


Com-Pac International, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of reclosable packaging solutions, is one of Carbondale’s Major Area Employers, currently employing approximately 180 employees. Com-Pac is a fully integrated extruder, printer and manufacturer of custom poly plastic bags, zipper, tubing, and film roll stock for a wide variety of medical, food, and industrial packaging applications.

Community Investment Program

The Five-Year Community Investment Program (CIP) Budget provides for the planned, expansions, improvements or reconstruction of the City’s infrastructure assets. Capital outlay items such as vehicles, computers, office equipment, radios, machinery and equipment are not included in the CIP. These items are budgeted in the various user divisions. The detailed list of the capital outlay items is provided in the Supplemental Section of this budget.

The CIP section of this document includes the following:
1.   Community Investment Program Section
2.   Description of Codes and Division Account Numbers
3.   Chart of Accounts
4.   Composite list of all Community Investment Program Projects
5.   FY 2018 Funded 5-Year Community Investment Program
6.   Summary Estimate of CIP Projects  FY 2016
7.   Summary by Fund and Funding Source Codes
8.   Summary by Project Group
9.   CIP Projects, Descriptions, Justifications, Expenditure Years and Operations Impact
10. FY 2018 Un-Funded Community Investment Program

Greater detail for each CIP project is provided in the separate Community Investment Programs Budget document. In addition to the above, the detail includes the account numbers for the cost categories and funding source codes for each CIP project, as well as a list of unfunded and possible future CIP projects.

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