Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Budget

City of Carbondale
Financial Overview - Section Three

City of Carbondale Business Openings


Two of Carbondale’s businesses saw upgrades and re-locations. Verizon built a new “smart store” which is the first smart store in the area. The store offers consumers a chance to try new phones before they buy them. It also has interactive kiosks that offer product information to help consumers compare products, and has charging stations. Newer sidewalks installed by the city along Main Street and McKinney Avenue offer easy access for walkers.

Pet lovers have a new place to buy food, toys and even get a bath for their furry friends in Carbondale. Pure Pet opened offering non-traditional pet food, toys and all-natural products – for everything. Another rarity in the pet shop is the do-it-yourself dog washing station where customers can bring their animals that may be too big for their bathtub at home or want to avoid the clean up afterwards.


Budget Summaries Section Three

The Budget Summaries Section Three of this budget document includes the Major Revenue Sources. This includes the descriptions, projections assumptions and trends.

Major Revenue Sources

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