Evidence Technician

City of Carbondale, Illinois
Job Opening Announcement/Job Description

Title:  Evidence Technician
Dept./Div:  Police Department

Nature of Work:  This is a regular, full-time civilian (non-sworn) position at the City’s Police Department. The Evidence Technician works closely with the Crime Scene Specialist as part of the Investigations Division. The Evidence Technician is responsible for the custody of all property recovered or evidence collected in order to ensure the security of property and evidence.  The Evidence Technician is supervised by, evaluated by, and reports to the Investigations Sergeant.

Essential Duties:

  1. Provide for the storage of evidence and maintains related computerized and manual record-keeping systems.
  2. Remove evidence from temporary evidence storage lockers. Review every item entered into evidence to ensure it was packaged correctly and the data entry is complete.
  3. Assign items to and place evidence to an appropriate permanent storage location in the evidence vault, or off-site location if applicable. Print Chain of Custody forms and maintain paper files to match each item in Evidence.
  4. Determine if evidence gets processed and transport it to the appropriate person or agency that will provide processing by carrying it, by the use of a hand-truck, or by motor vehicle.
  5. Recover evidence that has been processed by transporting it back to the evidence vault.  Transport such items by carrying, by using a hand-truck, or by using a motor vehicle for heavy and bulky items.  Reflect all activity in the computer for chain of custody.
  6. Conduct daily checks of computer records to determine evidence return dates or disposition data for unclaimed property.  Maintain written files for evidence control documents and for closed cases.
  7. Return or dispose of property and evidence according to policy and applicable laws.
  8. Review, disseminate, and store appropriately reports from the Crime Lab.
  9. Return evidence and found property to lawful owner upon case disposition or sooner if circumstances dictate.
  10. Store and relocate blood soaked items of evidence or items containing other bodily fluids, when necessary.
  11. Submit to evidence vault inspections and temporarily relocate/move large or heavy items so that serial and model numbers can be inspected.
  12. Maintain evidence storage vault and other facilities in a clean and orderly fashion. Maintain adequate supply of envelopes, bags, tape, field test kits, etc. in the Evidence Intake Room. Maintain Crime Scene vehicle.
  13. Audit/inventory the guns, money, and drugs stored in evidence every month. Maintain responsibility for every item held as evidence (usually around 10,000 to 12,000 items).
  14. Conduct record and computer search for all property suitable for disposition.
  15. Prepare for auction of unclaimed and disposable property. Relocate property to auction site immediately prior to auction.
  16. Conduct Aon-shift@ training for the purpose of instructing sworn personnel in evidence collection on packaging procedures. Assist patrol crime scene technicians as needed.
  17. Liaison with other agencies, crime labs, State’s Attorney, City Attorney, and US Attorney on evidence issues. Pull items of evidence and transfer custody of said items to attorneys for court purposes.
  18. Testify in court regarding evidence custody and record keeping procedures.
  19. Complete Awalk-in@ reports for found property.  Prepares and sends letters to property owners for the purpose of property disposition.
  20. Fingerprint walk-in personnel for various non-criminal purposes.
  21. Operate digital camera for photographing evidence and other items of property.
  22. Perform fundamental evidence processing services to include fingerprinting, DNA collection, print development/lifting, latent print analysis, photographing of evidence, evidence packaging and evidence storage.
  23. Perform evidence collection services regarding making/copying/storing video evidence from inside Police Department building, Taser video sources, in-car video sources, and video from outside sources collected as evidence. Transfer/maintain/archive all crime scene photos taken by officers.
  24. Assist the Crime Scene Specialist by processing evidence, transporting equipment to and from crime scenes, packaging and transporting evidence to the Department, and providing general assistance to the Crime Scene Specialist.
  25. Assist the general public by directing them to the appropriate service provider.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:  Considerable knowledge of Department rules, regulations, policies and procedures, laws concerning collection, custody and disposal of evidence and found property; ability to deal courteously with the general public; ability to keep records and maintain reports, ability to use a computer and software; through understanding and knowledge of the principles, methods, practices and techniques of police work; ability to communicate in both oral and written form; understanding of working with hazardous materials; ability to understand court proceedings and testify in court; ability to lift and move heavy objects.

Other Duties:  Performs other duties that are related to the Evidence Section of the Investigations Division.

Work Environment: Work is performed primarily in an office setting and may require the operation of a Department vehicle during the course of the work day to conduct business or process crime scenes in a variety of weather conditions and in emergency situations.

Physical Demands: Office work is usually sedentary with frequent walking, reaching, bending, lifting, and carrying objects under 25 pounds, and requires the ability to sit for extended periods of time and to perceive and/or discriminate colors, sounds, depth, and texture.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.  Minimum of five (5) years full-time law enforcement or forensic science experience.  Master’s Degree is preferred.  Valid Illinois driver=s license.  This is a security sensitive position and candidates must be able to pass a credit check and a Police Department background check.

Regular, Full-Time Position, Overtime Eligible
Salary:   Range 7  $52,382 - $72,028 (FY18 rates)
Residency Boundary Requirement

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment to the Human Resources Office, City Hall, 200 S. Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, IL by 4:30 p.m., April 24, 2017. Please submit resume along with City Employment Application form.

The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tara Brown
Human Resources Manager


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