Downtown Master Plan Study

In May 2014, a Request for Qualifications was advertised seeking consultants interested in working with the City of Carbondale to develop a new Downtown Master Plan. Fourteen responses were received. On June 10, 2014, Acting Mayor Monty appointed members to a Downtown Master Plan Advisory Committee that would serve to facilitate a series of public meetings to engage community members and receive input on what the public desires to see in downtown Carbondale.

In mid June 2014, a consultant review committee consisting of four city staff, one staff member from SIU and the Chair of the Downtown Advisory Committee, reviewed the submittals from the consulting firms. Five firms were selected and invited for in-person presentations and interviews. Interviews were conducted in late June and early July.

At the July 15, 2014 City Council meeting, a recommendation of a consultant was made to the City Council made by the consultant review committee. During that meeting, the City Council determined it was pre-mature to select a consultant before the Downtown Advisory Committee had completed its work.

Throughout the following months, the Downtown Advisory Committee held eight public engagement meetings at various locations throughout the community with six main topics being discussed. Those topics included:

  • 1) Downtown Traffic & Other Transportation Modes
  • 2) Business Development
  • 3) Interface between SIU, Memorial Hospital and the Downtown
  • 4) Signs and Streetscapes
  • 5) Arts and Entertainment
  • 6) Economic, Civic and Neighborhood Viability

The Downtown Advisory Committee has now completed this portion of their work and created an Interim Report Compiling the Results of the Public Participation and Interaction. This report was made available to the City Council and the general public on December 12, 2014. Copies are on file in the City Clerk's office, the Development Service's office and the Carbondale Public Library.

The Interim Downtown Committee Report is available in (pdf) format.

A detailed look of the Downtown Committee and the work that is being done, can be view on the Downtown Advisory Committee Webpage.




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