Downtown Design Charrette

Carbondale Design Standards

Pupose:  To establish a more comprehensive set of architectural design guidelines that will ensure that the scale and character of future building improvements and new development in Downtown Carbondale are suitable for the area.

These design standards should be specific enough to promote high quality, compatible development that reflects our community’s needs and desires but also allows for variation and creativity from developers.

As you participate in this charrette, think about the kind of downtown environment you would like to live, work, and shop in:

  • How do the buildings contribute to this vision?
  • How tall are the buildings?
  • What materials are they built from?
  • Do they have a specific architectural style?
  • Are there architectural details that make them special?

 Please Access the South Illinois Streetscape Project.......

Visions for Carbondale:

 “The Downtown Carbondale Master Plan aims to create a unique, exciting, and vibrant pedestrian-oriented Downtown atmosphere.  By definition, Downtown Carbondale should look and feel different than the rest of the community.  A mix of land uses, taller buildings, interesting architecture, public art and open spaces, destination uses, and entertainment and dining options are all vital pieces of fostering that desired atmosphere within a friendly urban environment.” – Downtown Carbondale Master Plan 2016

Downtown Carbondale is the soul of our college town where commerce, culture, and community converge.  With a distinct sense of place, the downtown celebrates a rich heritage.  It is a mix of business, dining, arts, entertainment, lodging, housing, and recreation.  Downtown is vibrant and creative in a beautiful, safe, and sustainable setting.  It is inviting for all ages and cultures within a technologically advanced world-class community.” – Downtown Advisory Committee 2015

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