Forms and Applications

Fiscal Year Funding Request Information Page.

Fiscal Year 2017 Application for
 Funding Requests for Agencies & Organizations

Pay Bills

Water, Sewer Trash

Pay on-Line for:
Parking Tickets, Water & Sewer Bills or Administrative Tow Fees

 Water/Sewer Connect Form

 Direct Debit Bill Pay Form

Water, Sewer and Trash
Services (Solid Waste)

 Refuse Route Schedule

 Refuse & Recycling Holiday Schedule

 Refuse & Recycling Guidelines
 Refuse Drop Off Guidelines
 Solid Waste Extra Collection Request

 Parade/Street Closing Application
 Street Crossing for Banner Guide Sheet  
 Cross Street Banner Application 
 Street Crossing for Banner License Application

 Water and Sewer Tap Application 
  Waiver Releasing City From Liability   (Sanitary Sewer)  
  Water Quality Report

Request Information
Records, Research

How to Request Records Guidelines 
Request for Records

Related links and downloads

 City Ordinances
 Departmental Listing
 Public Meetings
 Staff Directory

 Guide to City Services

City Job Directory

Paid City Positions

Current Openings

Job Applications

General / Police / Fire


Public Safety Information


Police Department Web Site
Police Department - Commendation or Complaint Form
Police Department - Report of Nuisance

Bicycle Licensing Information
Dog License Application

Frequestly Asked Questions



 Fire Department Web Page
 Emergency Management Services









Business Licenses

Miscellaneous License

 Amusement License Permit
 Bed and Breakfast Application
 Bidder Qualification Statement
 Cemetery Fees Chart Application
 Complaint Against Medicom  
 Consumer Installment Loan Business License  
 Food Truck Information, Code and Application 
 Hotel/Motel Application
 Public Gathering Permit
 Pushcart Vendor License
 Pushcart Vendor Rules and Regulations
 Raffle Application
 Solicitor's Permit Information
 Solicitor's Permit Application
 Taxi Driver Application
 Taxi Certificate Application
 Tower and/or Antenna Use Permit Application  
 Transient Merchant or
    Itinerant Vendor License App & Info
    Vendor License
Video Gaming Terminal Regulations 
Video Gaming Terminal Application


2015 Illinois Municipal Guide
Follow the link to access the guide.


Liquor License

 Liquor License New Information
 Liquor License New Applications  
 Liquor License for Renewal Application 
 Liquor License Transfer Information
 Liquor License Business Operation Questionnaire
 Liquor Criminal History Release Form


Development Permits


  Fair Housing Policy
  Fair Housing Complaint Form

 CDAP Housing Rehab Grant
 Demolition Agreement
 Demolition Permit Application
 Demolition Grant Application
 Designation of Agent
   (Rental Housing Information)

 Downtown Facade Improvement
   Loan Application

 House Moving Permit 
 Rental Housing Designation of Agent
 Revolving Loan Fund Application
 Single Family Owner Rehab Program
 Single Family Housing Conversion Application
 Zoning Certificate Form
 Zoning Text Change, Rezoning, Special Use


 Building Permit Application for one and
   two Family Dwellings

 Building Permit Commercial Application
 Electrician License Application 
 Permit for Construction - Public Right-of-Way
 Rehab Contractors Qualification Application
 Roofer Registration Form
 Sign Permit Application
 Site Plan Approval Application
 Site Plan Checklist











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