City of Carbondale Issues Water Plant Public Notification

City of Carbondale, Illinois
June 8, 2018



CARBONDALE – The City of Carbondale has issued a Public Notification following a major filter renovation at the Water Treatment Plant. 

On May 31, following the final phase of renovations at the Water Treatment Plant, two of the six filters were disinfected with drinking water and added chlorine. Some of this disinfectant mixed with drinking water in the storage tanks before it was pumped into the distribution system. This caused a negative reaction in the water that resulted in higher than normal turbidity levels. 

While the City’s water was still crystal clear, turbidity levels exceeded standard EPA regulations. In an effort to assure there was no risk to public health, 32 water samples were collected throughout the City which all contained no bacteria. The drinking water returned to compliance the same day the event began. Most of the high turbidity water was discarded and not put into the City’s water system.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Water Plant Manager Tony Harrison at (618) 529-1731, ext. 2. A media event will be held today at the City’s Water Treatment Plant, located at 2401 S. McLafferty Road, at 10:30 a.m.

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