Car Washer/Detailer

City of Carbondale City of Carbondale
Opening Announcement/Job Description
May 26, 2017

Title: Car Washer/Detailer
Dept./Div.: Police Administration/Police Services

Nature of Work: Wash the exterior and interior of vehicle’s according to the company procedure. These tasks may involve a simple shampoo, vacuum or more specific work like cleaning the trunk, underbody or engine. Detailers work with minimal supervision and are expected to work efficiently while frequently standing and moving. Detailers may be exposed to extreme heat or cold and work weekends as needed. Great opportunity for growth!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Car detailers use their manual dexterity and bodily coordination to perform an array of tasks. They wash the exterior of vehicles using various cleaning solutions, but they may also wax and buff vehicles using cloths and buffing machines. Inside of the car, they typically vacuum to remove dirt and debris, clean upholstery and surfaces, use air compressors and cloths to dry surfaces and apply preservation chemicals to surfaces for protection against spots and stains. Car detailers may use different kinds of dyes, paints and waxes to protect the leather or fabric of vehicles. Some detailing jobs involve cleaning and removing any grease on engines or engine compartments. Detailers also use various hoses and pumps to wash vehicles, rinse and dry mats and polish wheels. Additional duties may include managing and maintaining the appropriate level of supplies. Car detailers might be asked to complete work records, files and reports as well. Detailers are responsible for snow and ice removal from walkways and lot vehicle.

Other Duties: Perform other duties as assigned by a supervisor or proper authority for the overall operation of the department.

Minimum Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent GED.  Valid driver’s licenses. Experience in the auto washing or detailing preferred, but not required. Ability to work days, nights and weekends as needed

Part-time (Hours worked not to exceed 999 hours in a 12-month period)
Salary Range 2    $9.23/hr.
Residency Boundary Requirement

Submit completed City of Carbondale Application for Employment to the Human Resources Office, 200 S.  Illinois Ave., Carbondale, Illinois. Position will remain open until filled. Applications may be obtained at City Hall or printed from the City’s website at The City of Carbondale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Tara Brown
Human Resource Manager

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